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Latest News
17/07/2012 - New Spring Web Flow book
Apress has just released Pro Spring MVC: With Web Flow by Marten Deinum and Koen Serneels. As this is the first book with in-depth Spring Web Flow 2 coverage this is pretty exciting news. Order your copy today!
13/07/2011 - Ring Lap Timer released
As part of our Nürburgring portal we have release an old school Java ME application to time your Bridge-to-Gantry laps on the Nordschleife using your mobile phone. Check it out!
19/02/2011 - Nürburgring WebCam Archive
For those interested in motorsport and the Nürburgring in particular we've setup the Nürburgring WebCam Archive. Enjoy!
02/11/2009 - Erwin started blogging
Erwin started blogging over at Blogger: Programming in Practice.
01/10/2008 - New book: The Definitive Guide to Spring Web Flow

Our book Working with Spring Web Flow has been republished by Apress. The book is now titled The Definitive Guide to Spring Web Flow, summarizing exactly what the book aims to be.

16/05/2008 - Spring Web Flow 2.0 released
Spring Web Flow 2.0 has just become available. Version 2.0 represents the next generation of the Spring Web Flow framework (the 1.0 series also remains supported), introducing several new and exciting features.
04/10/2007 - Spring Web Flow 1.0.5 released
Spring Web Flow 1.0.5 has been released. This is a bugfix and minor improvement release addressing issues reported against 1.0.4. All users are recommended to upgrade to 1.0.5 from previous 1.0.x versions.
Older News
Dots 'Ring WebCam Archive
To get your daily Nürburgring fix, keep an eye on the Nürburgring WebCam Archive.
Dots Spring Web Flow Portal
The Ervacon Spring Web Flow Portal brings you expert information on Spring Web Flow.
Dots Java MD3 Model Viewer
An (older) open source project started by Ervacon founder Erwin Vervaet. Take a look.
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