GZIPOS is a library that offers GZIP functionality for Java servlets. It was inspired by the GZIP servlet filter described by Jayson Falkner in his excellent article Two servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have. However, there was one problem with Jayson's solution: servlet filters are only available starting from servlet API version 2.3 (J2EE 1.3). So people that are still working with servlet API 2.2 (J2EE 1.2) are left in the cold. GZIPOS remedies this situation. It provides classes that allow GZIP compression of servlet responses for servlet API 2.2 or later.

Check the readme included in the distribution archive for exact usage details.


GZIPOS can be used, at your own risk, in any way you see fit! There is no licensing involved.

Source Repository

The GZIPOS Subversion source repository is available at the following URL:


You can also directly browse the latest revision.


GZIPOS is distributed as a zip archive. After downloading this archive you will need to unzip it. Use whatever program is available to you to do this, e.g. WinZip if you're using a MS Windows system.

The distribution archive contains the GZIPOS jar file, together with installation instructions, documentation and source code.

Version Size Download link
1.0.0 - 10/12/2003 ~65KB gzipos1.0.0.zip
1.0.1 - 06/12/2007 ~65KB gzipos1.0.1.zip

Bug Reports and Feedback

Any remarks, requests, bug reports or other comments that you might have on GZIPOS can be send to:

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